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The Black Lives Matter is a movement that has over the years taken the nation on a deep commitment to the act of validating the lives of the African American. The campaign was set in motion in 2012; the acquittal of George Zimmerman ignited it. Zimmerman was arrested for the death of Trayvon Martin. As a result, the black lives matter as the movement was came to renowned the effort of the African America community. This action was also required to counter the racism at the time that violent and continues to affect the African American community.

As the movement made the significant stride in their quest for civil rights, the leader saw the importance of educating the general American community about the extrajudicial murders and killings of the African American. This was by the vigilante and other law enforcement authorities based all across the country. The paper seeks to focus on the black lives matter as a movement, their effort that has occurred for the time it has been in existence to date, and the important implication that it seeks to have for the future.

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The black lives matter movement essay

The Black Lives Matter movement came about as a strategic response by the African American community ignited by the increasing number of killing and deaths of other community members. Most of the bitter riots came from killing started by the law enforcement and the relevant authorities.  The research from the executive director studies in America, ‘the criminal’s crimes act enacted by the police towards their citizens are as a result of the failure of this justice system designed to investigate the people involved. Too many this looks like the failure of the state to equate the state-sanctioned police violence.’ In other words, the guiding principle of the organization claims in its slogan that the black lives matter movement embraces.

It came as a result of the political intervention that spread to the world.  The movement has three co-founders, the first was the Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullons, and Opal Tometi. These three started the movement after the impetus and brutal murder of one 17-year-old Trayvon Martin murdered by a white man known as George Zimmerman. Martin was charged with his own murder. The reaction by the organizers of Garza set the acquittal needed by the defendant in the murder of Martin’s case. This becomes the rally cry for the movement. The reaction echoed across the nation seeking to bar the use of excessive force by the police against the African American. Zimmerman auctioned off his gun as used in the killing; he was designated as a hero in American, labeled the ‘Firearm icon.’

From this cause, the movement processed and donated to other endeavors. The representatives of the campaign were not willing to comment on the donation and claimed that they were merely guiding the principles towards the end of senseless gun violence in America. The tragic event turned out to be the inspiration for many of the initiatives that were launched by the movement since the foundation started where the actions have proved to be effective.

The same Black Lives Matter movement sponsored a nine months youth empowerment program that targeted young people from 11 to 17 years in different places nationally. It does not just focus on America alone, but rather globally. The program looks forward to empowering the youth with the skills and knowledge to conduct themselves with professionalism. The movement also gets a significant nationwide recognition from the recent presidential campaign.

When the democratic member challenged the Republicans; Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were some of the few to be mentioned. Both of these had aired their views on rampant violence that is against the affected black community nationally. The movement also sponsors the periodic monthly events such as the Black Future Month set in February 2016. Other initiative included the assistance of the 41,000 member’s inter varsity Christian fellowship. That was referred to as the national membership which supports the organization’s mission and effort.

Although in essence, the black lives do matter, the racism and prejudice that affected and drove the movement forward have been taken into control by the criminal justice system. The state protected violence has since reduced and those aired and affirmative action taken. The future of the movement is set on its application and use of the global platform that it has secured over time. The platform has all the persons who work and ensure that the Black Movement continues to prove that Black Lives Matter. It also seeks to take action that the policymakers take accountable in making the necessary decision that affected the entire community.

These policies include the use of power and how excessive the power needs to be while apprehending all persons in the city. The movement also played an essential role in the President Hillary Clinton’s campaign and complete loss as seen by the recently held presidential elections.

Much different from any other movement, in recent years the Black Lives Matter movement, the initiative are timely as the modern day American is a den of new reforms. Many American will find it hard to appreciate the depth of the emotions which fuel the Black Lives Matter movement. The reactions can be attributed to the century-long slavery story from where many Africa Americans descended. As the community comes to accept and allow black equality, as one fundamental need and right, many still harbor the primitive beliefs guided by stereotyping. In a world where a few people have respect for the others members of the community, the celebrities and people of influence tend to speak out racial epitaph in times of heated arguments.

The biggest and perhaps the most gruesome issue in Black Lives Matter movement is the notion that the organizers often felt compelled to express that which ought to have been given, more like claiming, “food is good.” As compared to the historical component of the reality that the society exists, the movement initiative not only drives the nation to race alone but rather another aspect such as safety, humanity, security and the well being of everyone who is in the land in questions. In essence, the Black Lives Matter as all lives matters.

Why do black live matter essay


True to say that all lives matter, critics could argue that it is a fact and right that specific racial groups matter more than others in a given community. It is and can be argued that Black Lives Matter where the initiatives and effort as stated by few seem to point to the harm that the movement brings. On the path to success, it clear that many will deter the boat of courses into the unchartered waters, same to the campaign and its well-sought progress; when we mention progress and how good and useful it can be, it cannot be reliable if it is not turning heads, people have to dislike something in order to make radical changes.

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African Americans have as seen by the recent evidence in the century been victims of this extrajudicial killing where the law and government effort to control and curb the malice has been unsuccessful or in other terms seeks to protect the culprits involved. The black Americans are as concluded from the analysis still prone to more attacks from both vigilante and corrupt law enforcement officer. The movement’s goal will be achieved once the community looks to the enforcement for protection without the biased presumption.


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