Essay Proofreading and Editing

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Proofreading of an essay can make a good essay brilliant, though passing the paper to experts who pay keen attention to the overall structure and logical flow of an argument .Take advantage of the professional editorial team at Rightwritings and give yourself the chance to move to the A grade level.

Here are the benefits that one is destined to get:-

 It frees time for other commitments. You can dedicate time to further study, work more job shifts, or simply get some well-deserved rest!

•    Quick delivery. We will professionally edit your papers and submit on time.

•    MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago citation styles supported

•    Price is fixed. No processing fee

Essay and academic paper editing

Writing academic papers and essays plays a big part of one’s academic life for students who are pursuing their postgraduate and undergraduate degree. The need to produce high-quality papers with familiar formatting systems. Additionally, the lack proper or poor English grammar, spelling mistake, and stylists only result in lackluster essays even though the content might be at par with the requirement.

On the contrary, a good essay separates the men from the boys and can easily be set apart and demonstrate the ability to think and articulate the ideas clearly. In achieving these levels of distinctions requires a paper that is free from errors (grammatical), with a nice flow, and uses the perfect choice of the word depending on the subject. This is more challenging more so to a person who is not familiar with English and as such the need for the services becomes eminent as Rightwritings is well equipped to help rid one of such problems.

Lucky for you, we are equipped with the best skills and tools to rid you of this problem!

Rightwritings comes up with an essay editing service that is professional to its standards and seeks to help and polish the paper to make it ready for submission at the same time making it unique as it retains its initial details. The editor’s focus on the paper language and the way  ideas are presented; proofreading it making it error free; this errors might distract the evaluation committee and deviate their focus on the ideas you have been driving them to. The editors expound on the clarity of the language on your paper helping one enunciate your ideas more clearly.

The essay editing service is an ethical service, solely focused on perfecting the quality of the writing experience and assures your paper get so the standards required by the academic conventions. It does not contravene with colleges guidelines on written work.

What services do I get when I choose Rightwritings to proofread and edit my essay?

In an attempt of making the essay meet the highest writing standards, the professional editors have to review the paper ensuring that:-:

         The grammar is perfect

         The language and idioms used are expected

         The sentence structure is in order

         The word choice is proper and does not have redundancy and wordiness.

         The punctuation is correctly placed and being free from spelling and              typographical errors

         It adheres to the correct writing conventions and formatting laws

         It comes with a logical flow that is clear and easy to understand.

         Free from consistency issues

         It has and adheres to the correct formatting and  sourcing citations

We have editors who work like personal advocates, they work precisely and intelligently to make sure the paper is flawless.

At Rightwritings, we offer you the complete control of t work, where editing is standardized to Microsoft word ; using the track changes and the tools that are necessary to ensure the modifications are evident on the paper, the comment made margin will also correct and after its all polished you will get:-

•        A track changes on the copy will clearly show the changes that have been done to your


•    Having a clear copy paper that has been revised.

If you are an ESL student who is looking to better and improve your paper; native English speaker, who might require another set o eyes to skim through the paper. We offer a good and reliable essay editing service that will meet your needs. In most cases a few errors are often the differences between a sold A and A-. It is wise to employ such a service that are a guaranteed A score.